Wave of violence in Sweden’s capital Stockholm: Dregen was woken up by an explosion

Author Stefanie Nysand - 23.1.2023

For some time now, Sweden and especially its capital Stockholm have been repeatedly plagued by shootings and explosions. The background of these acts are gang wars within organised crime. Since the beginning of this year, there has even been talk of a “wave of violence”. It was only a matter of time before celebrities would be affected, too. When an explosion occurred at a restaurant in the Södermalm district of Stockholm in the early hours of Tuesday morning (17 January 2023), Dregen was not far away. The guitarist for Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters comments on the explosion as follows:

“Well, I had absolutely no problem to wake up to this alarm clock at 03:30…”– Dregen

The original post can be seen below:

No-one was injured by the explosion which occurred at around 3:30 AM. However, the damage to the house is extensive, with the entrance of the restaurant being completely destroyed. Also windows of the apartments above the restaurant were destroyed. An evacuation of the residents was not necessary, and the national bomb protection was on site during the morning to make technical assessments. It has not yet been determined whether or not this attack is connected to the gang wars.