Ville Valo teasing new music?

Author John Wins - 4.4.2022

Last Friday, the one and only Ville Valo, worldly known for being the mastermind behind the Love Metal band HIM for more than 25 years, updated “his” social media with what looks to be some kind of new material.


When HIM announced its end in the beginning of 2017 and then played the final gig at Tavastia on December 31th, the fans had no idea about what Ville was up to after that.

In 2018 he announced a partnership with legendary Finnish band Agents, as he already did in the late ’90s, but this time to release a full record with classic and new songs that the band have found in an old cassette, paying a tribute to the former singer Rauli Badding. The album “Ville Valo & Agents” was followed by a national tour, playing in many cities and most of the summer festivals in the whole Finland.

Ville Valo and Esa Pulliainen. Photo by Joonas Brandt

As the known hermit he is, nothing was announced or speculated after the project with Agents, until March of 2020, the unforgettable month that the world faced the first glimpses of the pandemic. HIM‘s Facebook, which was renamed to Heartagram straight after the final gig of the band, had a new post announcing “something completely different”. The post had a link directing to streaming platforms, featuring an EP called “Gothica Fennica Vol. I” by an artist called VV.

The three tracks had the classic vibe that made Ville famous and adored by thousands and thousands of fans through more than two decades, but the EP didn’t have any kind of promotion. No big interviews or music videos, especially because the current world situation at that time.


Now, two years since the first EP for a solo career (we cannot ignore the single for the cover of “Olet Mun Kaikuluotain” released in 2016 and winner of Emma Gaala), the iconic artist is slowly warming up for a second act or perhaps a full release.

The update posted on his Facebook and Instagram has a new promo picture and a short tease that features a sneak peek of an instrumental and immersive song illustrated by some drawings of the classic Heartagram, which now has a new layout with the double V.

It could be a joke, since it was posted on April’s fool, but indeed looks like something concrete of new music coming soon. After two years since the his latest music and almost three years since his last gig, we believe that soon we’ll have more news about Ville.

Until then, stay tuned on VV’s social media, which isn’t managed by him or has any kind of interaction, but will be the source of good news as soon as he gets out of his cave to shine one more time his dark light over us.

Ville Valo live with Agents, 2019. Photo by Hannu Tiainen.