The Rolling Stones sued for copyright infringement

Author Hernan Osuna - 14.3.2023

Rock legends The Rolling Stones have been sued for copyright infringement over their 2020 single “Living In A Ghost Town”.

Songwriter Sergio Garcia Fernandez, who goes by the name Angelslang, claims that The Rolling Stones “appropriated many recognisable and essential elements” from two of their own compositions – the 2006 song “So Sorry” and the song “Seed of God“. Fernandez claims the band took those elements into their song “Living In A Ghost Town”.

Fernandez says in court documents that he gave a CD to singer Mick Jagger containing demos of his songs. According to Fernandez, the band stole numerous musical elements from his songs after hearing them on the CD he gave them.
He also mentions that “Living In A Ghost Town” borrows “vocal melodies, the chord progressions, the drum beat patterns, the harmonica parts, the electric bass line parts, the tempos, and other key signatures” from “So Sorry” and the “harmonic and chord progression and melody” from “Seed of God“.

You can compare the tracks below: