The night of American metalcore in Scotland: ERRA live at The Garage, Glasgow

Author Alina Salihbekova - 17.3.2023

Progressive metalcore band ERRA, together with Sentinels. Invent Animate and Silent Planet turned The Garage into a madhouse in the best way possible with constant crowd surfing, circle pits and moshing. Sentinels from New Jersey were the first to perform. They set the tone of the gig right from the bet with their signature aggressive metalcore sound. Invent Animate from Texas were next, and it was a very slight change of sound with clean vocal parts and breakdowns. All band members were dressed in all-white clothes, which is not typical for the genre’s musicians. It definitely makes them stand out in the scene. Californians Silent Planet came off as very chill and calm individuals while setting up the equipment on stage but as soon as their performance started, it was a complete 180. The energy, the aggression, the charisma – it was powerful, to say the least! That’s when crowd surfing became more intense. The band’s vocalist Garrett Russell jumped into the crowd during the last song which was a perfect way to conclude one’s performance. It was obvious by the audience’s reaction that they wished the band’s setlist was a bit longer. It was finally time for the night’s headliner ERRA to come on stage. The band from Alabama took full control of the crowd right from the beginning. The crow surfing was so intense that the security could barely keep up. It was passionate and fierce. The band played songs from the latest self-titled album, as well as songs from their earlier records. The aggressive vocals of JT Cavey and the clean vocals of Jesse Cash, who’s also ERRA’s guitarist, mix together extremely well. All band members’ performance was top-notch and if you add all of them together, you’ll get one of the best metalcore bands today. Check photos of all four bands performing at The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland.


Invent Animate:

Silent Planet:


Erra’s setlist for the show was the following:

1. Gungrave
2. House of Glass
3. Nigh to Silence
4. Eye of God
5. Vanish Canvas
6. Scorpion Hymn
7. Breach
8. Hybrid Earth
9. Skyline
10. Divisionary
11. Pull From the Ghost
12. Snowblood