Photo Credit: Stefanie Nysand

The Mission’s US tour goes ahead as scheduled, broken tour bus in the repair shop

Author Stefanie Nysand - 3.10.2023

After the British gothic rock legends The Mission had to cancel their show on 1 October 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri at short notice, due to a broken tour bus, the rest of their US tour with Chameleons and Theatre Of Hate is now going ahead as scheduled:

“So, the bus is in the repair shop today in Denver. Meanwhile, a 12 seater mini-bus was procured yesterday along with a big van so we could transport all the equipment for all 3 bands. TOH were already traveling separately by car so it’s business as usual for them. The Mission & Chameleons and the crew were all traveling on the tour bus. Todd & Stephen from the Chams are driving the equipment van while the rest of our motley lot are in the mini bus being driven by Christophe. After the 20 minute drive from the truck stop to the hotel in Denver late yesterday afternoon, the two divas in our party, namely Wayne & Mark (singers, eh!), decided ‘bugger this for a lark, we’re flying to Minneapolis’ so they are already in town ready for tomorrow night’s show at the PNA Hall. The band minibus will be stopping overnight in Omaha while Todd & Stephen, bless ’em, are planning to power on through to Minneapolis and arrive very late tonight. After Minneapolis we will travel by the same vehicles to Milwaukee on Wednesday where we are hoping, praying, casting spells & voodoo chanting that our ‘fixed’ tour bus will be meeting us. So that’s it for the time being, this latest missive from the front line. We WILL see you tomorrow in Minneapolis and in Milwaukee on Wednesday and the tour will proceed as scheduled.” – The Mission