The Hellacopters: New album out, record release party tonight in Stockholm – and vinyl orders partly cancelled

Author Stefanie Nysand - 1.4.2022

Today is the day that The Hellacopters‘ 8th studio album “Eyes Of Oblivion” will be released via Nuclear Blast. In honour of the occasion, a record release party will be thrown tonight in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, the hometown of the band:

“April 1 is the release date of our new album ‘Eyes Of Oblivion’. We are terribly excited about this and we will of course celebrate. Our dear agent Luger in collaboration with Pistonhead have come up with a plan so come celebrate with us at Hamburger Börs here in Stockholm. Since we’ll be celebrating heavy we won’t be playing live but we have no other than the fantastic rock group Freedom performing the entire new album back to back, on stage, for you and for us! We’ll start the celebration with signing records, supplied to the venue for purchase by our friends from Sound Pollution (the record store we usually hang out at). Yours truly (Boba, Dregen, Dolf, Nicke and Robert that is) will take turns DJ-ing the best rock music there is and ever was throughout the night. There might even be more stuff going on on stage during the night but even we don’t know what that’ll be. They call it a surprise. There will be exclusive giveaways. If you’re thirsty there will be a Riot On The Rocks whiskey bar. We’ve heard rumours about a quiz. What we do know is that there is no entrance fee. There are obviously more pressing matters in the world right now but for April 1 we’re gonna wear our eyes of oblivion for a little while. Come celebrate with us!”

– The Hellacopters

While some fans can look forward to having their copies signed tonight, other fans will unfortunately receive nothing for the time being, because as Nuclear Blast explains in a press release, some pre-ordered vinyls, especially limited colour editions, have been cancelled:

“Dear Hellacopters fans, We are very sorry that some of your vinyl orders from various shops around the world including the Nuclear Blast own mail order got cancelled – mainly on limited color editions that can’t be re-pressed in exact that color. We are doing our best to offer alternative versions. You might heard that for a couple of years vinyl pressing plants are struggling to meet the demand. There is a global PVC shortage and in the past months even paper/wood is becoming a problem. We tried our best to get as many vinyl LPs as possible for the new Hellacopters album but we already knew that it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the demand. The other alternative would have been to release the album much later or splitting the release between a CD/Digital and a later vinyl release. Both hasn’t been an option for the Hellacopters album, so we decided to stick with the vinyl we were able to secure and hope to get new stock as soon as possible. We tried our best to split up the amounts between various retail outlets but had logistical issues that caused the current very unfortunate situation that not every order could be fulfilled. Staff shortages due to Covid made it even more difficult to handle the situation. We sincerely apologize that some fans are disappointed for not getting what they ordered and will have to wait for a replacement. Please do not blame the band. They did an excellent job recording a fantastic album – we hope you enjoy the music!”

– Nuclear Blast Records

So far, three singles have been released from The Hellacopters‘ comeback album: “Reap A Hurricane“, the album’s title track “Eyes Of Oblivion” and “So Sorry I Could Die“. If you missed the latter, you can check out its music video below. It comes with a surprise at its end. Furthermore, Chaoszine recently chatted with the frontman of the Swedish action rockers, Nicke Andersson. You can check out the interview here.