Photo Credit: Fotogra4bar / Nicole Langen

The Foreign Resort point out difficulties of touring in the US at the moment

Author Stefanie Nysand - 24.10.2022

The Danish post-punk band The Foreign Resort recently toured in North America and shared pictures from the tour on their facebook page, along with the following words:

“A reminder of the gas prices and the financial struggle of our recent North American tour after US customs refused us entry with our merch at the US-Canadian border coming from Vancouver. To all non-US bands wanting to tour the United States: Be aware of the US authorities who are current making touring extremely hard – even if you have the right paperwork. And to everyone out there: Please buy merch from touring bands. It is our main income that prevents us from returning home with a massive debt, like we just did. Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows and who keep supporting us”

– The Foreign Resort

When asked in the comments if the trio from Denmark’s capital Copenhagen could ship their merchandise directly to the fans, The Foreign Resort reply that “shipping is expensive if you’re outside Europe”, but that they “will be back in the US in March and could ship from the States” while they are there:

“One exception is CDs and LPs of ‘Outnumbered’ which ship from Toronto. They’ll be cheaper having shipped.”

– The Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort are currently playing some shows in Europe, mainly in Germany. If you missed their latest single, “Overturn“, you can check out its music video below: