The evolution of music will never end – review of High on Fire’s album “Cometh The Storm”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 19.4.2024

What is the most beautiful characteristic of heavy metal music and its artists? They never seem to get comfortable: instead, they always try to improve, to surprise, to innovate, and yet to remain coherent in their art. This is what I would consider the main theme of High on Fire‘s ninth album “Cometh The Storm”. Consistency with a new approach to their craft.

Matt Pike’s guitar and vocals are as powerful as ever; paired with Coady Willis’s incessant drumming and the slightly hidden bass of Jeff Matz, the American group has proved once again their ferocity, their complexity, and their determination. The production, mixing, and mastering are very well done, and the listening experience is so enjoyable, that it doesn’t even seem that the album lasts almost one hour!

But returning to the themes of experimentation, the instrumental track “Karanlık Yol” is a delightful surprise to be found in a High on Fire‘s record. The influence of different sounds rather than pure stoner or sludge is a sign that this group can’t be held back or toned down. Thrash elements like in “The Beating” or old school heavy metal ones in “Lambsbread” or “Hunting Shadows“… the sky is the limit.

Their doom sounds though are not gone (whilst they are certainly less than other releases), but this is not a bad thing at all. We had to wait quite a while to have a new release from High on Fire, and they made sure to present us with the best product possible. The storm of raw energy and unbridled aggression is coming and it will be quite difficult to run away from it, so beware.

Overall, “Cometh the Storm” is a tour de force that reaffirms High on Fire as undisputed champions. With its ferocious intensity, masterful musicianship, and apocalyptic atmosphere, the fans of the band will undoubtedly find themselves entranced by the sheer power on display throughout this storm.