Slipknot to release ‘Live At MSG’ on vinyl

Author Flavia Andrade - 23.6.2023

Slipknot will release “Live At MSG” for the first time on vinyl, on August 18. It was originally released as a bonus disc along with the tenth-anniversary edition of “All Hope Is Gone” in 2018. Now, the vinyl edition will come out in celebration of the album’s 15th anniversary.

It all happened on February 5, 2009, when Slipknot headlined one of the world’s most famous arenas — New York’s Madison Square Garden. The band’s MSG set is now legendary, close to the release of their first No. 1 album in the U.S. (“All Hope Is Gone”), and months before headlining Download Festival for the first time. The MSG concert was eight months and nine countries into the “All Hope Is Gone” world tour, and the band delivered an awe-inspiring performance.

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The “Live At MSG” vinyl release will feature new art by Slipknot‘s percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, and it will be available as follows:

* All Retail: Black
* Knotfest Exclusive 1: Coke Bottle Clear With Silver Splatter
* Knotfest Exclusive 2: Light Blue With Silver Splatter
* D2C Exclusive 1: Clear With Silver Splatter
* D2C Exclusive 2: Lemonade With Silver Splatter
* D2C 3: Black Ice With Silver Splatter

Track listing:


A1. (sic) [3:55]
A2. Eyeless [4:15]
A3. Wait And Bleed [2:44]
A4. Get This [4:28]


B1. Before I Forget [4:22]
B2. The Blister Exists [6:37]
B3. Dead Memories [4:03]
B4. Left Behind [3:28]


C1. Disasterpiece [5:09]
C2. Purity [6:26]
C3. Everything Ends [4:22]
C4. Psychosocial [5:41]


D1. Duality [5:26]
D2. People = Shit [4:10]
D3. Surfacing [4:49]
D4. Spit It Out [7:35]