Slipknot debuts new masks and plays first show with new drummer

Author Arto Mäenpää - 26.4.2024

In a highly anticipated event, Slipknot rocked the stage for their first show of 2024, marking a significant moment for fans. This performance not only showcased their explosive energy but also introduced former Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande as the newest member behind the kit, inaugurating the band’s 25th-anniversary celebrations for their self-titled album.

Adding to the excitement, Slipknot revealed their latest set of masks, reminiscent of their iconic late ’90s aesthetics, perfectly aligning with the resurgence of interest in their 1999 debut album. While the vintage-inspired look may not come as a surprise, it undoubtedly amplifies the nostalgic atmosphere surrounding the band’s current endeavors.

The electrifying show unfolded at the intimate Pappy + Harriet’s venue in Pioneertown, CA, just days before their anticipated appearance at Sick New World. The setlist comprised a thrilling array of fan favorites, including hits like “People = Shit,” “Psychosocial,” and “Spit It Out,” igniting the crowd with relentless energy.

Regarding the speculation surrounding Eloy Casagrande’s involvement, evidence continues to mount. From a recent coding mishap to keen-eyed Redditors noting the presence of Casagrande’s signature white Tama drums, the clues are becoming harder to ignore. Not to mention, astute observers have even drawn comparisons between Casagrande’s tattoos and those glimpsed during the performance. Setlist for the show was as follows:

  1. “People = Shit”
  2. “Eyeless”
  3. “Disasterpiece”
  4. “Before I Forget”
  5. “Custer”
  6. “Psychosocial”
  7. “The Heretic Anthem”
  8. “Unsainted”
  9. “Wait and Bleed”
  10. “Prosthetics”
  11. “Vermilion”
  12. “Duality”
  13. “Spit It Out”
  14. “Surfacing”

For those eager to witness the debut of Casagrande-knot, footage from the unforgettable night awaits below.