Sleep Token’s drummer II to perform at The UK Drum Show in Liverpool

Author Hernan Osuna - 2.4.2024

The UK Drum Show, the UK’s biggest drum festival, has announced that Sleep Token‘s drummer II will be performing in the Mike Dolbear room on Sunday 29, September at 12pm. The UK Drum Show 2024 takes place September 28-29 at the AAC Liverpool (England). Grab your tickets here.

II is appearing in association with DW Drums, Istanbul Agop Cymbals and BrDistribution.

Behind the veil of metal’s fastest-rising act, lies uncompromising creative integrity; and Sleep Token’s signature blend of jaw-dropping percussive dexterity and groove can be attributed to the mysterious collective’s II.

Since the start of the band’s journey in 2016, II has sustained an unwavering musical identity through a unique approach to metallic drumming and beyond, tempering the more full-tilt side with influences from a raft of other areas, including gospel, funk, hip hop and jazz influences.

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