Sleep Token deletes Instagram account: “Nothing lasts forever”

Author Hernan Osuna - 17.1.2024

British masked metal band Sleep Token are up to something, as they have mysteriously deleted all posts from their Instagram profile and added the cryptic phrase “Nothing lasts forever” to their bio.

Fan theories are already circulating as to what this could mean. There is, of course, the heartbreaking possibility that Sleep Token are breaking up unexpectedly at the height of their fame.

Basically Sleep Token deleted their Instagram posts and changed their bio to ‘nothing lasts forever’ and people are freaking out given the timing but also speculate it’s probably just new era stuff because they wouldn’t do the new masks and then just bounce with no warning,” a fan explained on X. is not sure what this all means for the future of the UK-born outfit. Let’s see what happens…

Despite the mysterious Instagram deletion, Sleep Token‘s official website still mentions their Australian tour dates for next April, as well as their US shows in Colorado, NYC and at Sonic Temple Fest in May.