Sleep Token continues to tease fans: Posts link to one of their songs on X without providing any context

Author Arto Mäenpää - 18.1.2024

What’s happening with Sleep Token? The intrigue surrounding the band heightened this week as they wiped their Instagram clean, leaving fans in suspense. On January 16, the band posted a link to one of their songs on X without providing any context, fueling speculation and theories among their followers.

The Sleep Token fanbase went into a frenzy when someone reportedly uncovered and shared the birth certificate and address of one of the band members, III, online. In response, Sleep Token promptly deleted all content from their Instagram page and updated their bio with the quote “Nothing lasts forever.” While many speculate that the leak of III’s information prompted the sudden Instagram purge, the band has not officially commented on either situation.

Instead of addressing the aforementioned controversies, Sleep Token surprised fans by sharing a link to their song “Ascensionism” from their 2023 album “Take Me Back to Eden.” The post lacked additional context, leading fans to analyze the song’s lyrics, particularly focusing on lines like “You make me wish I could disappear” and “You’re gonna watch me ascend.”

Fans on the Sleep Token Reddit page are actively discussing and theorizing about the band’s intentions. While some are fixating on the disappearing aspect of the lyrics, others suggest that the emphasis might be on the “ascending” part, hinting at the start of a new era the band has been teasing. Some speculate that the Instagram cleanse could be coincidental to the birth certificate leak.

Further theories abound, with some fans anticipating that Sleep Token’s “ascension” might involve a larger-scale tour in North America and potentially expanding to other parts of the world. The full Reddit discussion can be explored for a deeper dive into the multitude of theories circulating among Sleep Token enthusiasts.

They’re being cryptic again…
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