Slash shares that “The blues scene is really vibrant right now, I wish the rock scene was similar”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 29.5.2024

Talking to MNPR Magazine, Slash has shared his thoughts about the differences between the blues and the rock scene.

I love what’s going on in the blues scene. It’s really vibrant right now. I wish the rock scene was similar. [Laughs] The blues scene’s great. I think there’s a lot of really exciting players in that area. I see that there is some — a lot of kids that are doing rock and roll on their own now, away from the record companies and away from all the bullshit that was going on in the ’90s and in the first decade of the millennium. They’re creating their own music for themselves. No one’s trying to make money from it. No one’s trying to get a big record deal. No one’s ambitions are limos and fucking hot chicks — it’s all about the music, and it’s really important because I think that’s what’s gonna bring the rock scene back around. And that rock scene will always be there. Anyway, but so that’s sort of cool. All things considered, I’m still listening, more or less, to a lot of the artists I’ve been listening to. “The new [The Black] Crowes record’s great, the new Queens Of The Stone Age record’s great. And there’s a couple other ones. So it’s nothing super new and exciting, but there is new records coming out that I’m listening to.

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