Photo credit: Jani Karmu Kormugraphy

Check out the new episode about the making of Slash’s latest album

Author Benedetta Baldin - 28.6.2024

The third webisode in Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash‘s series of videos showcasing behind-the-scenes photos from the recording of his highly anticipated new album “Orgy Of The Damned” was made available on May 17th by Gibson Records. Guest performers on the album include Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Iggy Pop, Chris Stapleton, Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ TOP, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Demi Lovato, and Gary Clark Jr. On the album, Slash is supported by former bandmates Teddy Andreadis (keyboards) and Johnny Griparic (bass), as well as drummer Michael Jerome and guitarist/vocalist Tash Neal.

About the album title, Slash shares:

It’s the only title I came up with. It was just because blues and rock and roll have always been considered taboo and devil’s music and all that kind of stuff. And it’s ‘hide your kids from that.’ And I wasn’t raised to think that, but I know society at large has always had that kind of attitude towards it, but of blues especially. And so when I thought about having a collaborative thing with all these different artists doing a blues record — ‘Orgy Of The Damned’, right? It seems so obvious to me, and I actually Googled it to see if somebody else had already used it, but they hadn’t.