See you in the Pit with Wage War’s new album Stigma

Author Vickky Lewis - 25.6.2024

Florida’s metalcore band Wage War have released their new album Stigma. After a three year wait they have delivered an another edgy metal core album. With their electronic dark brutal metalcore sound you can play Stigma anyway and know it’s Wage War.

Opening the album with ‘THE SHOW’S ABOUT TO START’ which is more on their electronic side is an interesting take. It serves as an opening track. It grabs you and makes you look forward to the next chapter of Wage War. As the album progresses you hear it lives in a typical metalcore world. It doesn’t push boundaries however it’s still an enjoyable journey. With raw screams mixed in with electronic industrial/sci fi essence breakdowns on tracks such as ‘NAIL5’ and ‘MAGNETIC’. It’s does push the album forward and makes your ears pick up on these moments. Which is a ten out of ten treat. These down and dirty breakdowns is  what the album needed. Which allows Wage War to shine unexpectedly making your ears stand up on edge waiting to hear what else could they randomly do on this album. 

Which leads to the lovely emo vocals on tracks ‘BLUR’ and closing track ‘…Is This How It Ends’ that make your heart scream with edginess in a good way. 

While Stigma isn’t a ground breaking metalcore album it still fires punches. Making you headbang, getting down in the feels and screaming along in ‘In My Blood’. What I know for certain Stigma will go off in the pit! Make sure you catch Wage War when they come to town. See you in the pit. 

Wage War will be bringing the Stigma Tour across the USA in September to November 2024.