Scar Symmetry’s Per Nilsson: “This album explores the dark side further than we’ve done before”

Author Hernan Osuna - 18.5.2023

Swedish melodic death metal titans Scar Symmetry are back with their first album in nine years, “The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)”. The brand-new LP, set to be released on June 9 through Nuclear Blast Records, is the second part of The Singularity trilogy which started with 2014’s “Phase I – Neohumanity”.

In a relaxed interview with Chaoszine, founding member, guitarist, and producer Per Nilsson discussed the connection between the first and the second parts of the trilogy, set in dystopian worlds, and the rise of AI – and its threat to humanity. “What happens when jobs disappear? It’s crazy to think what will happen,” he argued.

Nilsson, who is also a member of Nocturnal Rites and Kaipa – and was a touring member for Meshuggah during Fredrik Thordendal’s 2017-2021 hiatus – talked about his gear as a guitarist, his influences, Scar Symmetry’s new tour, as well as Benjamin Ellis joining the band and his contribution to the Swedes’ new album.

You can check out the full video interview below:

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