Rush’s Geddy Lee to publish a “epic-length” memoir in 2022

Author Samuel Järvinen - 22.9.2021

Geddy Lee, bassist and lead singer of Canadian rock legends Rush, plans to release a major memoir in late 2022. Lee himself describes it as “epic” in length, and in scope it will cover Lee’s life on and off stage.

Lee says he began writing the work in 2020 as the pandemic hit and forced people to stay indoors more.

“So, how did I kill time during the pandemic? Little did I know that as of March 2020 I’d be locked down for over a year and a half—the longest time I’d spent in Toronto since I was nineteen and hit the Northern Ontario bar circuit with Rush”, Lee writes on Instagram.

In his Instagram post, Lee says the memoir was initially born out of a friend’s attempt to cheer her up after Neil Peart’s passing by reminiscing about the past and the happy times. Lee took up the challenge, and this soon became a memoir.

“I’d then send these improved and even illustrated stories to Daniel, who’d clean up some of the grammar and remove a lot of the swearing (I love to fucking swear), and presto! In a voice that sounded, well, just like me, a presentable, epic-length account of my life on and off the stage was taking shape: my childhood, my family, the story of my parents.”