Rush: Alex Lifeson to auction off guitars used throughout his career

Author Jad - 16.3.2022

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has teamed up with Julien’s Auctions for the upcoming Property From The Archives Of Alex Lifeson auction. The auctions will take place between May 20 and 22, and will feature over 100 items of Lifeson’s from over the years, including:

  • A 1976 custom-built Gibson ES-355TD, aka “Whitey,” played by Lifeson throughout most of his career with Rush. Whitey is featured on all albums from “A Farewell to Kings” to “Test for Echo”, and can be seen played by Lifeson on stage during all Rush tours from 1977 to 2015 as well as in many of the band’s music videos.
  • A 1970 Gibson Les Paul acquired by Lifeson during Rush‘s inaugural tour and played extensively on all Rush albums and tours from “Fly By Night” and “2112” to “Hemispheres”.
  • A 1971 Jose Ramirez acoustic guitar used by Lifeson to record all classical-style tracks on the album “Hemispheres”, including “The Trees” and “La Villa Strangiato”.
  • A 1976 Gibson Dove acoustic guitar played on numerous tours and used by Lifeson to write “Closer to the Heart” and other songs from the 1977 Rush album “A Farewell to Kings”.
  • A 1976 Gibson J-55 acoustic guitar used by Lifeson to compose Rush‘s platinum-selling album “2112” as well as “A Farewell to Kings” and served as the main acoustic guitar on “Natural Science” and “Camera Eye” from “Permanent Waves” and “Moving Pictures”.
  • A 1980 custom t
  • Hentor Sportscaster played by Lifeson on most Rush albums since “Moving Pictures”, and was the main guitar used on the recording of the album “Grace Under Pressure”. This guitar was favored by Lifeson as his primary instrument for soloing – in particular the solo for the band’s hit single “Limelight”, and can be seen in the music videos for “Vital Signs”, “Countdown”, and “Enemy Within” .The Sportscaster’s heavy yet versatile sound embodies Rush‘s bold sonic explorations of the 1980s and Lifeson’s growth as a soloist during this time.
  • A 1981 Gibson Howard Roberts fusion guitar that served as Lifeson’s main guitar during the Moving Pictures tour.

Check out the full listing here.

Picture courtesy of Epiphone