Ronnie Wood recalls his last meeting with Charlie Watts

Author Samuel Järvinen - 11.10.2021

The music world was hit with great sadness a while ago when rock legend The Rolling Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts passed away. The band has since returned to the stage with Steve Jordan behind the drums.

Now, guitarist Ronnie Wood recalls his last encounter with Watts. A week before Watts passed away, Wood had visited him in hospital in London. The room happened to be the same one Wood himself had been in during his cancer treatments in 2020.

Wood told the Los Angeles Times:

“We watched horse racing on TV and just shot the breeze. I could tell he was pretty tired and fed up with the whole deal. He said, ‘I was really hoping to be out of here by now,’ then after that there was a complication or two and I wasn’t allowed back. No one was.”