Photo credit: Pete Voutilainen

Reckless Love is back with a new album: interview with Olli and Pepe about ‘Turborider’

Author Annija Raga - 29.3.2022

Reckless Love, the well known Finnish band, is back with new music: on March 25 the band released their new, long-awaited album “Turborider”. The band’s previous album, In Vader, was released six years ago, but now the musicians are back stronger than ever!

Chaoszine had the chance to have a chat with Olli Herman and Pepe Reckless right before the album’s release date – the artists talked about the few year break, the musical direction they wanted to go, the meaningful work with Joonas Parkkonen, the producer of the album, as well as about other topics.

We always knew that we wanted to do new stuff, but it just took the right moment, right time, we needed to believe in ourselves.

Olli Herman

You can watch the full interview bellow: