Crashdïet: Music video for “Shine On” released, “Automaton” now available on vinyl

Author Stefanie Nysand - 10.9.2022

After Crashdïet were forced to cancel several gigs lately, due to bass player Peter London facing health problems, there are now some good news from the Swedish glam sleaze rockers: They have released their new single “Shine On“, along with a music video. You can check out the video below:

After “No Man’s Land“, “Together Whatever” and “Powerline“, “Shine On” is the fourth single from Crashdïet‘s 6th studio album “Automaton” which was released on 29 April 2022 via Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records. The music video for “Shine On” also features former Crashdïet vocalist H. Olliver Twisted (a.k.a. Olli Herman, frontman of the Finnish merry metallers Reckless Love) and Shiraz Lane. With the latter, Crashdïet toured through Europe in May and June 2022.

“Automaton” is the second Crashdïet album with Gabriel Keyes as the vocalist of the Stockholm-based band. Crashdïet‘s first album with Gabriel Keyes, “Rust”, was released in 2019. After Dave Lepard, H. Olliver Twisted and Simon Cruz, Gabriel Keyes is the fourth frontman of Crashdïet.

“Automaton” is now also available on vinyl, as a “limited edition purple and red vinyl”. The release of “Automaton” on vinyl had to wait until now, due to the worldwide vinyl shortage.