Photo Credit: Valentina Fellina

Crashdïet cancel their performance at Coq Rock festival, due to illness

Author Stefanie Nysand - 30.6.2022

The Swedish glam sleaze rockers Crashdïet have to cancel their performance at the Coq Rock festival in De Haan, Belgium, due to bass player Peter London facing health problems:

“We are truly sorry to have to cancel next show at the Coq Rock festival on July 9th due to illness. Peter has been trying to recover from exhaustion after few months of personal challenges. Don’t worry, he’s not dying or anything. He’s clean and sober but just not ready for the rock n roll circus quite yet according to his doctor. We were really looking forward to playing Belgium again. We promise to be back soon! Martin, Peter & Gabriel”– Crashdïet

Crashdïet were booked as the headliner of said music festival:

“We have to share this bad news. Our headliner for Coq Rock 2022 needs to cancel the gig. We will update soon to inform you all about changes in the program. We got the news last night and still puzzling. We wish Peter all the best!”– Coq Rock festival

In a recent video interview with Laughingmonkeymusic, singer Gabriel Keyes and guitarist Martin Sweet also shed some light on the drummer situation in Crashdïet. Shortly after the song “Together Whatever” was released, a kind of a hymn to the band’s cohesion, drummer Eric Young stepped down from his duties as a live drummer, citing “personal” reasons. A substitute was found in former Hanoi Rocks drummer Kari Lahtinen a.k.a. Lacu. In the mentioned video interview, Martin Sweet admits that Eric Young “got sick of certain band policies” but that Eric Young and the band are on good terms, as could be seen in official band photos where Eric Young hands over his drum sticks to Lacu as well as in the fact that Eric Young was present at the pre-listening party of Crashdïet‘s current studio album “Automaton” on 28 April 2022 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm:

“He has his own career. He goes on tour with bigger bands. Not as a drummer, but as a technician. So he has loads of work.”– Martin Sweet

Martin Sweet goes on to say that the touring plans started to overlap and that overlapping touring schedules may also be an issue with the current substitute drummer Lacu since Lacu is first and foremost the drummer of the Finnish rock band Popeda. In Finland, Popeda are seen as the “Finnish Rolling Stones“, and they are currently on summer festival tour in Finland.