Photo credit: Pete Voutilainen

Reckless Love: If the band’s show at Tavastia is sold out, Olli Herman is getting a tattoo of the club’s logo

Author Stefanie Nysand - 30.4.2022

Well, that’s an act of dedication: On 14 May 2022, Reckless Love will play a show at “Tavastia” in Finland’s capital Helsinki, and if the Finnish merry metallers manage to sell out the club, frontman Olli Herman promises to get a tattoo of the club’s logo in return:

“Time for a challenge – @olliherman is gonna take a tattoo of Tavastia Klubi’s Logo, if our show over there is sold out this spring. Tavastia klubi is the legendary home of rock n roll in Finland and to sell out tickets for a night at Tavastia, is a benchmark thing here in Finland. Reckless Love has not sold out at Tavastia – not yet, coming painfully close a couple of times with only a few tickets short for full house. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS TIME!! Are you with us? […] Olli throws out the challenge for the rest of the band, including the crew and management too […] Let’s see, if Olli is gonna get some company to the tattoo parlor?”

– Reckless Love

Tickets for said show can be purchased via