Photo Credit: Marisol Correa

Priest and Reach have teamed up for a remix of Reach’s “A Million Lives”

Author Stefanie Nysand - 14.6.2024

In March 2024, Chaoszine attended Priest‘s Sweden-exclusive concert in Sweden’s capital Stockholm and suspected that the mask-wearing special guest behind the drum kit was Nitro (Marcus Johansson), the drummer of Deathstars and Reach. Now, Priest and Reach have teamed up again:

“Reach x Priest, a team up for the ages! We reached out to our good buddy Mercury and asked him if Priest would collaborate on a song with us. The result was a dark and electrifying remix.” – Reach

Priest add:

“It’s fantastic so don’t miss out on that one for your own sake!” – Priest

You can listen to Priest‘s remix of Reach‘s “A Million Lives” below:

The original version of “A Million Lives” can be found on Reach‘s 3rd studio album “Prophecy” which was released on 29 March 2024 via Icons Creating Evil Art. Priest, who partly consist of former members of the Swedish rock heavyweights Ghost, released their 4th studio album “Dark Pulse” exactly two weeks ago via Blue Nine Records. You can read our corresponding album review here. Chaoszine was also present at the pre-release party for “Dark Pulse” in Priest‘s hometown of Linköping, and you can read all about it here.