Placebo put up over 100 pieces of music gear for sale

Author Stefanie Nysand - 22.4.2022

In a music career that spans almost three decades, a lot of instruments and other music gear accumulate. This is no different for Placebo and that’s why the duo, consisting of Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal, has now teamed up with Reverb. From 27 April 2022, over 100 guitars, amps and other music equipment used by the band across their career can be purchased via the official Placebo Reverb Shop.

Stefan Olsdal comments on the collaboration with Reverb as follows:

“Having spent years collecting some of the most interesting and creative music gear to use on studio recordings and live performances, we felt it was now time to let go and part ways with some of this gear we have amassed. Knowing the Reverb shop has already been used by other established recording artists, we felt comfortable in the knowledge that the gear would be directed towards genuine collectors and enthusiasts”

– Stefan Olsdal

He goes on to say:

“We’ve had a great run with this gear, but now it’s time for each piece to move on”– Stefan Olsdal

Already during the release of their current album “Never Let Me Go”, Placebo raffled off a signed guitar among all fans who bought a copy of “Never Let Me Go” through the band’s official store, in order to “celebrate release week, and in our bid for our first ever UK number 1 album.” They missed their target and entered the UK album charts at number 3, but they did enter the leading position of the album charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The official Placebo Reverb Shop will include gear such as a Takamine acoustic guitar which was used, amongst others, during the recording of one of the Placebo‘s biggest hits, “Every You, Every Me“. However, according to Stefan Olsdal, there is something for everyone and every budget available in the Placebo Reverb Shop:

“As well as some highly collectable vintage pieces, there are also some more accessible items for fans to get their hands on.”– Stefan Olsdal