Placebo frontman Brian Molko addresses criticism after shortened set: “Go watch bands where most of the music coming from the stage is recorded”

Author Stefanie Nysand - 9.7.2024

Over a week ago, Placebo played a gig at the Swiss festival OpenAir St.Gallen, where the duo faced technical problems, ultimately leading to a shortened set. As a result, frontman Brian Molko and bassist / guitarist Stefan Olsdal were confronted with criticism, which Brian Molko has now addressed in a detailed statement on Instagram:

“We have been noticing a great deal of discussion, arguments, accusations & skirmishes between our fans in relation to our truncated concert at St Gallen festival. We have also been on the receiving end of many (unimaginative & entitled) insults. So we would like offer some clarity on what happened during our concert at St Gallen festival. Shortly into the set, Stefan began to have technical issues until finally his guitar system ceased to function completely. So he could no longer play any songs where he plays guitar. Every effort to remedy the problem by our world-class crew was taken but to no avail. We had the option to walk off & not come back but we decided to take back to the stage & finish playing what we physically could: The songs where Stefan plays bass. We made several announcements from the stage (in German) to explain that we were experiencing temporarily un-repairable technical issues. We made this very clear from the stage several times. Placebo use no recordings onstage. Everything is 100% live. It appears obvious that this is still insufficient for certain entitled & demanding individuals. Technical issues and truncated sets are a part and parcel aspect of live performance. And it is something no band has control over.” – Brian Molko

He goes on to say:

“If the idea of this unavoidable situation continues to enrage you regardless, we suggest that you go watch bands where most of the music coming from the stage is recorded. We also suggest you get a sense of perspective and try to take a look at this situation from a point of view that isn’t your – if you are at all capable. This is a polite way of saying- get a life. Most aspects of our lives, in general, are actually out of our own control and though we are strong, unfortunately electricity is much more powerful than us. We are not forcing you to come to any of our shows – it’s your individual choice. Please feel free to exercise this choice in the future and please stop insulting our loyal fan base in the virtual world. With thanks, Brian.” – Brian Molko

Placebo are currently on a summer festival tour and will return to Switzerland on 9 August 2024 for another festival appearance, this time as one of the headliners at the open air festival Stars In Town 2024 in Schaffhausen.