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Norway’s Beyond the Gates festival reveals daily schedules

Author Hernan Osuna - 4.7.2023

Bergen-based festival Beyond The Gates has revealed daily schedules and is extremely excited to announce that it’s going even bigger this year. For the first time, the festival will move into the new venue Kjødehallen, or simply “Hallen,” which is an old ship hangar. Hallen is located behind Røkeriet, and both are a part of the expanded cultural complex, USF Verftet.

The festival, which takes place in Bergen on August 2-5 features some of the biggest names in extreme metal. Deicide, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Perturbator, Alcest, Kreator, Enslaved and Dimmu Borgir are among the confirmed acts. Grab your tickets here.

The old main stage, Røkeriet, which will still be used, is tied to Hallen by a huge parking lot where you’ll find food trucks, seated areas, DJs and more! The concerts will alternate between two venues – Røkeriet and Hallen.

In addition, the shorter changeover times has given the festival the opportunity to add another band. Please welcome Spirit Possession to this already impressive lineup, who will now open the festival on Wednesday. This incredible duo knows how to encapsulate their riffs in pure magic.

Be aware that the festival has sold out in several categories, including day tickets for Grieghallen on Saturday. There are only 10 festival passes left and club tickets are running low too. In other words – no need to sit on the fence.

Beyond the Gates Experience
Beyond the Gates Festival invites all fans to participate in the ‘Beyond the Gates Experience programme. Since the inception of the festival, fans of extreme metal have been coming to Bergen to see performances of their favorite Norwegian artists in their home environment.

As most visitors know, nature and local culture has always been a poignant source of inspiration for the bands emerging from the Bergen scene. Again Beyond the Gates will give all the travelling fans the opportunity to get a unique insight into all aspects of the Norwegian Metal scene and the local culture in general. In that regard we’re putting together a series of events before and during the festival so that all of you can discover what inspired – and still does – the Norwegian metal scene.

Black Metal Landmarks with Tore Bratseth
Metal legend and storyteller bar none, Tore Bratseth (Old Funeral, The Batallion, Bömbers) will take you on a trip to the outskirts of Bergen to show our visitors a series of key locations in the Norwegian black metal lore. The trip includes a stop at the Lysekloster ruins, where a series of legendary photo and video shoots have taken place. You will also be able to see the bunker where Euronymous was photographed for the “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” promo cycle. Another stop on the trek is the location of the original Os Rock club where Mayhem rehearsed before the recording “DMDS” in Grieghallen, and also a regular rehearsal place for Old Funeral and Amputation.

This trip will go by bus from outside of Grieghallen (Nygårdsgaten). Date: Thursday, August 3rd, – 11:00 CET. Meet-up: Grieghallen 10:45 CET. Duration: Approx 3 hours. Buy your tickets here.

Beyond the Black Metal Classics – a guided tour of Grieghallen with Pytten
If you want to get an in-depth look on how some of the most renowned black metal classics from the 90s came together, look no further. Legendary producer Pytten has offered to take the Beyond the Gates audience on a guided tour of Grieghallen where seminal albums such as Enslaved’s “Vikingligr Veldi”, “Frost” and “Eld”, the first two Emperor albums, “In the Nightside Eclipse” and “Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk”, Gorgoroth’s “Pentagram” and “Antichrist”, and Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” were recorded.

Add to those a wide array of other classics such as Immortal’s “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism”, “Battles in the North”. All of them instrumental in shaping what became the sound of the inimitable Norwegian Black Metal scene in the 90’s.

Note that we want to keep this a special and intimate experience, so there will only be a very limited number of tickets available for each group. Date: Friday August 4 – 13:00 / Saturday, August 5 – 13:00 CET Duration: Approx 60 minutes. Tickets for Friday. Tickets for Saturday here.

And what else? Join the guided tours in old historical parts of Bergen town or visit the art gallery to a certain well-known singer at Bryggen in Bergen that will hold an exhibition this year you won’t miss! There will also be a guided tour to the famous Fantoft Stave Church.

There will be listening parties, panels, in-depth live interviews and lots of events and activities that hopefully will give you a Beyond the Gates Experience that will last for a lifetime. Stay tuned for more news about the tours.

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