Nordic Folk veteran Kati Rán releases a complex, beautiful single STONE PILLARS from the upcoming record SÁLA

Author Askar Ibragimov - 24.2.2024

It has been really a while since the debut record by Dutch artist Kati Rán, LYS, was released in 2015. Last year, she recorded her new record SÁLA, as we reported recently. Kati works with the Finnish label Svart Records.

This week, the first single from the record, STONE PILLARS, is out — downtempo, brooding, and melodic. The eight-minute-long track is weaved masterfully from a sheer multitude of sounds. While rooting in Folk, it, at the same time, features complex, multilayered composition and stands out as a truly masterful artistic work. Despite its unconventional (but traditional for Kati’s songs) length, one does not feel the duration, as her voice takes the listener for an intricated journey across soundscapes. We recommend headphones or another way to listen in an immersive environment.

The song features a guest appearance from black metal legend Gaahl (GORGOROTH, GAAHLS WYRD, WARDRUNA, TRELLDOM etc.)

Listen to the single here:

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