Nordic Folk artist Kati Rán reveals new album SÁLA, out May; signs to Finnish label Svart Records

Author Askar Ibragimov - 17.2.2024

The Prog magazine called Kati Rán “a new artist”. Perhaps she is the author of the news article; however, people familiar with the Nordic Folk genre have known Kati well for many years. She released her debut album, “LYS”, back in 2015. Since then, she has published several singles and collaborated on soundtracks, most notably on Viking: Valhalla’s Netflix series. As an integral part of the scene, she got to participate in some projects in one way or another; for instance, she was behind the organization of the first Heilung concert, which went viral on YouTube and firmly placed this now-famous Nordic/shamanic phenomenon on the map.

Last year, Kati spoke to Chaoszine in a long interview, which took place after she had finished recording in Helsinki.

Kati announces that she has signed with Finnish label Svart Records, and her second album, “SÁLA”, will be released through the label on May 24, 2024. The musician comments:

For me, signing to Svart Records was the most natural next step. Collaborating and releasing my music with Svart‘s long-standing expertise in bringing out amazing artists and vinyl for true music connoisseurs, I’m grateful to be able to bring my audience a beautiful, elevated experience to enjoy my new Nordic dark folk album SÁLA.

“Together with Jaani Peuhu (Swallow the SunIANAILord of the LostHallatar) and Christopher Juul (Heilung), my new album has been tenuously crafted and produced and is curated by my many years of writing, researching, and traveling the Northern landscapes, taking on board with me incredible artists, sounds, and musicians to breathe the Nordic soul into the heart of this album. 

“I’m looking forward to opening the floodgates to SÁLA with the release of the first single and opening track ‘Stone Pillars’ on the 23rd of February. It embraces our most vulnerable side, questions our mind, and attempts to resurrect or reposition ourselves through spinning with the Fates. It dips right into the heart of things.”

To warm up the audience, Kati publishes a series of videos commenting on the record. To date, two episodes are available, which can be checked out below:

While Kati remains the sole “lineup member” of the record, her “special guests” list is quite long and includes musicians from many strong acts: Gaahl (Gaahl, Wyrd, Wardruna), Mitch Harris (Napalm Death), Jaani Peuhu (Swallow the Sun, IANAI, Lord of the Lost, Hallatar), Karl Seglem (Norwegian jazz and folk legend), Borgar Magnason (Björk, Sígur Rós, Brian Eno), Gealdýr, Emilie Lorentzen (Heilung), Nicholas Schipper (Heilung), Yana Veva (Theodor Bastard), Umbra (an Icelandic female choir), Sól Geirsdóttir, Varg Saastad (Völuspá band), Marianne Heikkinen, Salla Marja (Saruru,´bunny girl metal´), Páll Guðmunsson (Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Anderssen, Sígur Rós).

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