Matthew Greywolf to Chaoszine: “I was lucky to escape reality while writing Call Of The Wild”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 13.7.2021

German power metallers Powerwolf will release their anticipated eight studio album “Call Of The Wild” on July 16th via Napalm Records. Chaoszine had the chance to spoke to the band’s main composer Benjamin “Matthew Greywolf” Buss about the creation of the upcoming album and how was it like to be creative in the times when the whole world seems to be living in slow motion.

In the interview Matthew Greywolf told that he had very mixed feelings while creating the album. At times he felt happy that he could escape to the world of Powerwolf but at times it was hard to be creative. Greywolf had the following to say about creative process that went into making “Call Of The Wild”:

“There were days when I was just really happy that I could go to studio and switch my head into Powerwolf world. There were also days that it didn’t work out that way. After reading for example breakfast and checking out the news could mean that you were not in the mood of picking up a guitar and start composing new songs. It was a mixture of emotions to make this album.”

-Matthew Greywolf

You can listen to the full interview about everything related to the world of Powerwolf below:

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