Måneskin: Music video for “Trastevere” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 26.11.2023

November 2023 was truly a blessed month for fans of Måneskin. On 10 November 2023, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 released the new edition of their current studio album “RUSH!”, entitled “RUSH! (Are U Coming?)”, via Epic Records / Sony Music Entertainment. In honour of the occasion, Måneskin also released a new single, entitled “Valentine“, along with a music video, followed by two more music videos; one for “The Driver” and one for “Off My Face. Now, another music video has been released; this time for “Trastevere“. You can check out the video below:

The music video was directed by George Gallardo Kattah who was also in charge for the music videos for “Valentine“, “The Driver” and “Off My Face“.

Trastevere” is one of the five bonus tracks that musically expand the new edition of “RUSH!”. After “HONEY (Are u coming?)“, “Valentine“, “The Driver” and “Off My Face“, “Trastevere” is now the last remaining bonus track for which a music video has been released. Despite its Italian title, “Trastevere” is an English-language song, and it features Måneskin drummer Ethan Torchio on acoustic guitar:

“This is the last official video from RUSH! (Are U Coming?). Watch now the video of TRASTEVERE (and enjoy a brand new version of our cute drummer).” – Måneskin