Måneskin: Music videos for “The Driver” and “Off My Face” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 21.11.2023

Earlier this month, Måneskin released the new edition of their current studio album “RUSH!”, entitled “RUSH! (Are U Coming?)”, via Epic Records / Sony Music Entertainment. In honour of the occasion, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 also released a new single, entitled “Valentine“, along with a music video. Now, Måneskin have released two more music videos, one for “The Driver” and one for “Off My Face“. Both music videos were directed by George Gallardo Kattah who was also in charge for the music video for “Valentine“. You can check out the videos below:

The Driver” and “Off My Face” are two of the five bonus tracks that musically expand the new edition of “RUSH!”. Previously, the bonus tracks “HONEY (Are u coming?)” and “Valentine” were already released as singles, along with music videos.