Lost In Grey drops new single “The Entourage”

Author Hernan Osuna - 15.1.2024

Finnish theatrical metal band Lost In Grey have released their first single, “The Entourage“, as an appetizer for the upcoming album “Odyssey into the Grey”. The LP is set for release on April 5, 2024, via El Puerto Records.

Vocalist Anne Lill states: “This new album continues the Grey Realms saga, and this song presents us, the actors, and the characters we are playing. It is also an invitation to the listener to come and join our twisted musical adventure. In the music video we can see the band members in various backstage activities before and after the show.

Even if the video doesn’t reveal much about the “Odyssey into the Grey”, the music clearly shows where the journey is heading: epic, bombastic and complex, a very well thought-out work of art.

Composer Harri Koskela comments: “‘The Entourage’ is the bombastic opening track of Lost in Grey’s upcoming fourth album, as well as the first single release. It was also the first song composed for this new album. I tend to like to start the new album composing process by exploring where I would like our music to travel next based on where we ended the previous release. This album was no exception to that, and I truly had a nice, adventurous journey with this song, as well as with the rest of the album songs. Musically ’The Entourage’ represents the album quite well, as most of our main elements are featured on it, and it’s dramatic, complex… a musical rollercoaster.”

Lost in Grey’s upcoming fourth album takes another giant leap towards even greater musical adventures. The vocalists Emily Leone, Anne Lill Rajala and Harri Koskela play the main characters within the overarching story of all the albums, bringing a very own touch to it through their diverse voice talents.