Josh Middleton speaks about leaving Architects: “We were on different pages musically”

Author Flavia Andrade - 18.7.2023

After leaving Architects last May, Josh Middleton addressed his decision in a recent interview with

In Middleton’s words:

We were on different pages musically – that’s the best way to put it. For the most part, I listen to really, really heavy music all the time. Obviously, I was getting excited about the next Sylosis record, because it’s quite heavy, and I guess it’s just a different direction.

I don’t know what Architects‘ plans are. They may do something even heavier than before. They might not. I guess you could say the partnership ran its course, but we’re still friends and there’s no drama. I literally spoke to Sam earlier, just sending him memes.

There wasn’t a big bust-up or anything. That’s why we took a picture together at the last Metallica show. It was bittersweet: sad but, at the same time, I got to watch Metallica in the snake pit! It was a dream come true playing that stage.