Jochen Schroeder, guitarist and co-founder of Rage, has died

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.9.2021

Jochen Schroeder, former guitarist and founding member of German metal band Rage, has died. The band confirmed the news in a social media post.

Schroeder played in the band from 1984 to 1987.

“It is our deepest regret to inform you that Avenger/Rage co-founder and guitarist Jochen Schroeder has left this earth under rather tragic circumstances. From 1982 to 1987 Jochen was not only the guitar player for Avenger/Rage but also co-composed a lot of their early songs. In that he was an important driver of the band’s development and with his unique ideas paved the stylistic way of the band.
Jochen hadn’t been a part of the music business for a long time and in recent years became more and more privat. Unfortunately, the exact circumstances surrounding his cause of death are unknown to us at the time. We’re mourning the loss of a great bandmate who left this world far too soon.”

Peavy: the news about the passing of my old friend and bandmate Jochen saddens me deeply. In recent years we lost track of each other, but I’ll always remember the good and exciting times we had together. Jochen taught me a lot back then and I owe him for that. In life it is rare to meet someone who gives you the impulses that send you down the right path. Jochen was that person to me and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you, Jochen, I wish you all the best on your travels, wherever you may wander… Peavy”