Hardcore Superstar: New album and video out, vinyls delayed

Author Stefanie Nysand - 25.3.2022

Today is the day that Hardcore Superstar‘s 12th studio album “Abrakadabra” will be released via GAIN and Golden Robot Records. In honour of the occasion, the Swedish street metallers have also released the album’s title track, along with an official video. You can check out the video below:

So far, five singles have been released from “Abrakadabra”: “Catch Me If You Can“, “Dreams In Red“, “Weep When You Die“, “Forever And A Day” and “Fighter“.

Despite all the good news, there has also been a small setback. Like many other musicians, Hardcore Superstar are affected by the global supply bottlenecks in terms of vinyl:

“We are sorry to announce that we have been informed by the pressing plant that there will be a delay of around 3-4 weeks for the Abrakadabra vinyls to arrive. We are sorry to have to make this announcement and we are in regular contact and working with the plant to get these out to you all and in stores as soon as we can. CD’s and all digital platforms have not been affected and will be shipped and in stores this Friday as planned. Thank you for your understanding, as soon as we have an update we will post and let everyone know”– Hardcore Superstar

Until then, the quartet from Gothenburg recommends to do the following:

“[…] grab a beer, turn up your speakers and let’s kick off the show!!”– Hardcore Superstar