Hardcore Superstar to release new album in March: video for “Catch Me If You Can” released

Author Arto Mäenpää - 23.8.2021

Swedish hard rock band Hardcore Superstar has released a video for their brand new track “Catch Me If You Can“. “Catch Me If You Can” picks up the pace and builds on the momentum created by the bands highly successful 2018 release “You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll” that saw the band travel across the globe from America to Australia playing to some of the largest audiences of their career and including an unforgettable night where they broke the attendance record for a headline act on the opening night of the world famous Sweden Rock Festival.

Loud, aggressive and totally unrelenting, “Catch Me If You Can” bursts out the speakers with an onslaught of attitude combined with a pounding backbeat and a chorus that hits like a freight train, setting the tone perfectly for the bands upcoming album “Abrakadabra” that is scheduled for release in March 2022.

Recorded at both Österlyckan and Bombastik in Musikens Hus in Gothenburg, the band returned to their roots to work with acclaimed producer Johan Reiven, who they previously collaborated with on their 2005 “Black Album”. The result is an intense and hard-hitting collection of songs that drummer Adde Moon describes as a “natural follow up to the Black album” and definitely “an album for the fans that is best shared with good friends, cold beer and very loud speakers”.

You can check out a video for the track below: