GAUPA: Guitarist Daniel Nygren takes a break

Author Stefanie Nysand - 18.3.2023

The Swedish psychedelic rock band GAUPA has announced a change on the guitar as guitarist Daniel Nygren is going to take a break, amongst others due to him becoming a father for the second time:

“Due to a number of reasons, where one of them is becoming a father for the 2nd time soon, I’ll need to take a break from my Gaupa-duties and wont be playing any shows for an unknown period of time. […] I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve received since the beginning and I’m looking forward to putting together more weird creations with this kaleidoscopic crew in the future.”

– Daniel Nygren
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The band has already found a replacement in Herman Danielsson and played the first show with him yesterday in their hometown Falun. If you missed GAUPA‘s latest single, “Exoskeleton“, you can check out its official visualizer below: