GAUPA: Guitarist Daniel Nygren leaves the band

Author Stefanie Nysand - 17.6.2024

A little over a year ago, guitarist Daniel Nygren announced that he would be taking a break from the Swedish psychedelic rock band GAUPA, amongst others due to him becoming a father for the second time. Now, it has been announced that said break has led to his final departure:

“Daniel has decided to leave GAUPA after being on a break from the band for almost a year. The shows we played at Sweden Rock Festival and Mystic Festival last week was the perfect send off and we all had a blast together! We love you Danne and wish you the best for you and your family! Don’t worry. The rest of us will keep going. / Emma, David, Jerka and Jimmy” – GAUPA

Daniel Nygren says:

“It’s a difficult decision to take but i’ve decided to part ways with the band. Ultimately its whats best for my well-being. Im very grateful for what we have created together and how far we’ve come since we started 7(!) years ago. Thanks for all the support along the way and to everyone who showed up at Sweden Rock Festival and Mystic Festival last week, it was a blast! Thanks for this time, All the best /Daniel” – Daniel Nygren

The next chance to see GAUPA live on stage is on 28 June 2024 at the Hellfest Open Air Festival 2024 in France.