Finnish extreme metal festival Steelfest announces 21 new bands for next year’s edition

Author Arto Mäenpää - 14.11.2022

Finnish extreme metal festival Steelfest Open Air which will be held in Villatehdas in Hyvinkää, Finland between May 18th and 20th has announced 21 new bands to next year’s festival. The next batch of band’s include for example Marduk who will play the first show of their upcoming album “Memento Mori” at the festival as well as Ride for Revenge, Urgehal, Gehenna and Behexen. The list of new band’s announced yesterday looks as follows:

  • Behexen
  • Evil Incarnate
  • Gehenna
  • Gravespawn
  • Hail Conjurer
  • Loits
  • Marduk
  • Merrimack
  • Nocturnal Sorcery
  • Ride for Revenge
  • Rienaus
  • Ritualization
  • Ruttokosmos
  • The Committee
  • Torture Killer
  • Total Self Hatred
  • True Black Dawn
  • Tsatthoggua
  • Urgehal
  • Urn
  • Witchcraft

The festival previously announced also the following bands to it’s next year’s edition:

  • Carpathian Forest (NOR)
  • Dödheimsgard (NOR)
  • Varathron (GRE)
  • Pensées Nocturnes (FRA)
  • Ved Bues Ende(NOR)
  • Nunslaughter (US)
  • Nattefrost (NOR)
  • Pest (FIN)
  • Ymir (FIN)
  • Nordjevel (NOR)
  • Witchtrap (COL)
  • Sex Messiah (JPN)
  • Utuk Xul (COL)
  • Infernal (COL)

Kolmen päivän ennakkoliput festivaaliin ovat myynnissä ja ne löydät täältä.