Photo: Juho Virinkoski

Face The Legacy drops new single and video “Straight Down To Hell”

Author Hernan Osuna - 2.2.2024

Finnish hard rock revelation Face The Legacy released their new single and video, “Straight Down To Hell”.

Now available on all streaming platforms, the track marks an evolving progression from their debut album “Ashes On The Ground” and adds lyrical depth to a journey through loss and redemption. Watch the video below.

Straight Down To Hell” delves deep into the emotional turmoil of losing someone to addiction. The lyrics, inspired by guitarist Elias Suhonen’s personal experiences, resonate with the pain and helplessness of watching a loved one struggle. The song’s powerful message is matched by its dynamic composition, showcasing the band’s ability to blend intense storytelling with their distinct hard and heavy rock styles.

Face The Legacy has journeyed from nostalgic rock to a bolder, modern hard rock sound. Their new release features the signature killer riffs and huge melodies that fans have come to expect, bringing a unique blend of ‘80s hard rock, ‘90s grunge, and contemporary rock influences.