Bloodred Hourglass unveils new song “The Sun Still In Me”

Author Hernan Osuna - 10.3.2023

Finnish melodic death metal outfit Bloodred Hourglass has released their brand new single “The Sun Still In Me”. You can watch the official video below.”

The Sun Still In Me” is a euro synth-driven metal tune. Looping guitar riffs and pounding drums keep the song going forward while the synths bring a mesmerizing feel into it.

The band says: “The Sun Still In Me’ was born from this cool EDM-vibed synth chord progression that gives the song a very unique atmosphere. That said, it’s one of the most experimental songs in the BRHG catalogue so far, as there’s no guitar leads throughout the song which usually are quite a trademark in BRHG’s music.

Also, the massive drum loops in the middle section of the song bring out a totally new sound to the table never heard in BRHG’s music before. Lyrically, it carries the message that you don’t attract what you want – you attract what you are. Stop chasing and start working, and always start from yourself“, they added.

Bloodred Hourglass is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Mikkeli. Formed in 2005, the group consists of vocalist Jarkko Koukonen, drummer Jarkko Hyvönen, bassist Jose Moilanen, and guitarists Lauri Silvonen, Joni Lahdenkauppi, and Eero Silvonen.

The group is currently signed to Out of Line Music. BRHG has released five full-length studio albums: “Lifebound” (2012), “Where the Oceans Burn” (2015), “Heal” (2017), “Godsend” (2019), and “Your Highness” (2021). The band is mostly considered as a melodic death metal group, but their fifth studio album “Your Highness” showed them moving towards a more modernized approach in their sound, bringing in elements from metalcore and alternative metal as well as the introduction of clean vocals for the first time in their history.