Face The Legacy share third single/video “Back To Those Times” today! Debut album “Ashes on the Grounds” announced for April 2022!

Author Jad - 28.1.2022

Face The Legacy comment about the lyrics and feel of the new song “Back To Those Times” from their upcoming debut album “Ashes on the Grounds”: 

Back to Those Times is a melodic song that paints a picture of better and brighter days behind us, but still leaves room for interpretation of the listener. During these weird times we are living at the moment, the lyrics may bring out new points of view. The song itself is one of the oldest songs on the album and it was created about five years ago. Back to Those Times represents the “softer” side of Face The Legacy, but it drives with kickass riffs and 80s vibe.

Stream it here

Face The Legacy‘s debut album “Ashes on the Ground” builds on a sound somewhere between 80’s and 90’s Hard Rock, Grunge, and Modern Metal. In fact, heavy riffs and driving beats meet the pop aspects of the music of the four Finns throughout the whole album. In contrast, the vocals are in a grungy Alt Metal manner, revealing a certain Alice In Chains vibe. Whether Melodic Death Metal riffing á la In Flames (“Bleed For Me”) or ballad-like clean passages amidst pounding metal riffs and groovy parts, Face The Legacy convince mainly with a huge spectrum of their musical possibilities. With their modern sound, influences from grunge, metalcore, nu-metal, and melodic death metal, Face The Legacy deliver one of the most exciting and versatile hard rock albums with “Ashes on the Grounds” to be heard in 2022. The full-length album will be released worldwide in April 2022 via Out Of Line Music.