Drawn into a world of deliverance and chaos: Crypta at The Ferret, Preston, UK

Author Sabrina Ramdoyal - 28.6.2024

The strength of a band lies not only in individual talent but in continuous harmony of its members. This sentiment rung true in the case of Brazilian death metal ensemble Crypta. Each member brought a flair that created a centre of sound in promotion of their recent record Shades Of Sorrow. Luana Dametto commanded attention with her unparalleled skill behind the drums. Lead guitarist Jéssica di Falchi added a new dimension to the band’s sound with her shredding expertise, charming her spectators with her stimulating old-school melodies. Rhythm guitarist Tainá Bergamaschi complemented the overall dynamic with her own lead lines, adding further depth and complexity to their compositions. Fernanda Lira, the band’s bassist and growler was not only a formidable presence on stage but also directing showmanship. Beyond her musical abilities, Fernanda’s stage presence brought a playful yet powerful vigour to the band’s presence. The collective effort created a sonic tapestry that those who were fortunate to witness Crypta at their finest in The Ferret, Preston, UK got to see a great demonstration of power and unity in heavy music.