Discover the video of Paramore singer Hayley Williams on “Still Into You” that shows her amazing talent

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.6.2024

Modern rock songs sound better than ever thanks to production techniques and technological advancements in music, but every now and then it’s good to be reminded of the raw talent that has pushed artists to new heights. One example is the video that is making the rounds right now, in which Hayley Williams of Paramore is seen recording the vocals for “Still Into You,” the second single off their self-titled fourth album. The song’s first take vocals, which Williams recorded in the Los Angeles studio using her iPhone, are actually included in this three-minute and 46-second clip. The song honored Williams’s relationship with her ex-husband, musician Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory.

It’s definitely a love song. It’s definitely happy. But to me anyway – and obviously I wrote it so maybe I’m biased – it’s not a sappy love song.

The original caption read:

So excited about these entries for the Paraoke Contest! I decided maybe I should share my own video with you guys. This is literally the entire first vocal take I did for Still Into You in the studio last year. I took it on my iPhone and was saving it for the right time to post. Hope you like it! Sorry about all the weird faces and the dancing awkwardly all by myself.