Dieth’s Guilherme Miranda to Chaoszine: “Getting back to playing and having fun with it has been the biggest prize so far”

Author Maria Goe - 17.8.2022

Last month, the metal world was surprised by the release of “In The Hall Of The Hanging Serpents“, the first single of the new death metal band DIETH, that features none other than Guilherme Miranda (former Entombed A.D.) on vocals and guitar, David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) on bass, and Michal Łysejko (former Decapitated) on drums!
With a heavy sound and a striking attitude, the single was very well accepted by the public since the beginning.
With the promise of new releases and news coming soon, the founder, guitarist and vocalist Guilherme Miranda talked to Chaoszine and told more details about the band’s formation, plans, future shows, and more!

-Tell me a little bit about how Dieth started. How did you come up with the idea of ​​joining David and Michał in the same band?
The idea was simple. I was in a very difficult time and I thought music could get me out of that. Michał is one of the most pro drummers I know and we wanted to record some songs together. When we thought of a bass player, David came to mind. It was actually Martin from Destruction who suggested this to me. The 3 of us are on a fresh start and our energy is very focused on that. I sent the songs I had to them, and both of they agreed to record, with the results we were getting, we decided to be a band.

-How did the entire production of the single/album go? Was it done remotely or did you guys manage to find each other to produce together?
The recording of the single was remote. I did the production and put it all together. We sent it to Zed at Zed Studios in Krakow Poland for mixing. After that we got together in Gdansk to record the video. The initial idea was to do a collab, but we were already fed up with it and the video was the best idea. Very tiring, but it was very good to do.

-Recently you sealed a pretty cool partnership with MLC AMPS. How is the experience and what else can we expect from this partnership?
I actually work as PR and A&R for MLC. I separated things well and didn’t mix it up with my work in the band. Obviously, because I’m in the company I should probably close something with them, but we haven’t settled anything yet. Everything has been going well and this year we are very busy.

-What are the band’s plans?
Record the album and go on tour 2023 and 2024.

-About the lyrics of the songs, what inspired you to write them? Do they follow some kind of concept or is it more of a kind of rant?
I think there is an rant, yes, and some types of concepts. There’s a lot of personal stuff there, I went through a really shitty phase, I went into depression and I think I’m dealing with that in the songs. Of course, there are always other subjects that inspire, the world is this madness, war and everything else. The lyrics end up reflecting that too.

-What is the importance of this new project for you and what are your expectations for this new phase?
The important thing was to get back to playing the guitar because I wanted to do that. I even tried to get out of the music and stop everything after LG’s funeral. It was very complicated for me. So getting back to playing and having fun with it has been the biggest prize so far. This saved my life. The expectation now is to live every moment, enjoy and release a fucking great album!

-You were the vocalist and guitarist of Krow, then for many years you stayed as guitarist in Entombed AD, and now you are again as guitarist and vocalist of this current band. Do you feel the difference between playing and singing at the same time? What do you prefer?
Just playing is less work, less tiring and gives me more freedom on stage. But I missed singing, I like being at the front. I prefer to do what’s best for the band and the music I’m playing at that moment.

-With so many years on the road, playing at the biggest festivals in the world, and being part of one of the most important bands in the extreme scene, what was the most remarkable moment in your career so far?
There were so many, it’s almost impossible to choose just one. But the friendship I had with LG on Entombed will last for the rest of my life. One day we did an interview in Sweden, for Metal Casino. The host asked Lars a few questions about the most remarkable moments of his career, the release of Wolverine Blues and all that stuff. He told some really cool stories, and at the end he said that finding me and bringing me into the band was one of the best things in his career. I was on his side and didn’t know what to say, that marked me a lot. I will take it with me forever.

-We are finishing the interview. Would you like to send a message to the fans?
Stay tuned on DIETH, we will have news soon and the album and tours will be announced soon!!! See you on the road!