Deathstars: Russia and Ukraine removed from their European tour schedule

Author Stefanie Nysand - 24.4.2022

The ongoing pandemic has forced Deathstars to postpone their European tour several times. The latest tour schedule was announced in November 2021. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, there is now another change in the tour schedule, as Deathstars explain in a statement:

“In a time of war we are stating the obvious; Deathstars won’t do the scheduled tour in Russia and Ukraine this fall of 2022. We stand by Ukraine and we take stand against this unprovoked act of lunacy; it’s nothing but an invasion on democracy, independence and free will. It’s an attack on the evolution and freedom of mankind. Having history, fantastic memories and friends in Russia – after all our tours and collaborations throughout the years – it’s important and clear and present to underline the difference between the darkest side of politics and the actual will of common citizens of humanity, freedom and rock ‘n’ roll. And keeping that bond of loyalty in mind we wish for all supporters of the band to stand united against these crimes of war. Again – we emphasize our support for Ukraine. Stand up for Ukraine. Stand up for peace. /Deathstars”

– Deathstars

The statement in its original form can also be seen below.

Tickets and further information can be found on Deathstars‘ website.