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Dark Funeral release a re-recorded version of “Shadows Over Transylvania”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 20.6.2024

Dark Funeral celebrate the 30th anniversary of their eponymous debut EP with a special new edition. “Dark Funeral (30th Anniversary Edition)” contains the original EP and the same tracks re-recorded by the current line-up and will be available from 9 August 2024. ‘Shadows Over Transylvania Re-Recording 2024‘ is now available, accompanied by a video visualiser:

EP pre-order available here
CD Jewelcase
Limited hand-numbered Transparent Blue-Black Marbled 180g Vinyl
Limited hand-numbered Clear Smoke Marbled 180g Vinyl (US EDITION)
Strictly Limited hand-numbered Transparent Blue-Black Marbled 180g Vinyl including signed Art Print – Only 300 copies worldwide (Century Media Exclusive)
Digital Album

Dark Funeral – “Dark Funeral (30th Anniversary Edition)”:
1. Open The Gates    
2. Shadows Over Transylvania    
3. My Dark Desires    
4. In The Sign Of The Horns    
5. Open The Gates (Re-Recording 2024
6. Shadows Over Transylvania (Re-Recording 2024)
7. My Dark Desires (Re-Recording 2024)
8. In The Sign Of The Horns (Re-Recording 2024)

The cover artwork was created by Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman.

In January 1994, Blackmoon (RIP) and I pooled all our money and savings into a recording session and pressed 1,000 copies of our 4-track debut Mini-CD. Reaching the significant milestone with an epic 30th anniversary is of course very honourable for me and the band. Three decades of Swedish Black Metal filled with precious memories. The time has come to reflect on what started this incredible story, an epic 30-year journey full of experiences and an unbreakable bond. And that is why we have breathed new life into these songs. Lord Ahriman and Dark Funeral

Remember to catch Dark Funeral live this year:
JUN 21 – 23, 2024 – Full Force Festival 2024 – Gräfenhainichen, Germany
JUN 23 – Graspop Metal Meeting 2024 – Live Stream
JUL 5-7 – Barcelona Rock Fest 2024 – Barcelona, Spain
AUG 3 – Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2024 – Braşov, Romania
SEP 20 – Muscadeath 2024 – Vallet, France
SEP 22-23 – Dark Funeral – Live in Athens, Greece – Athina, Greece
NOV 8 – House of Metal 2024 – Umeå, Sweden
DEC 13-14 – Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2024 – Eindhoven, Netherlands

Dark Funeral line-up (1994):
Lord Ahriman – Guitars
Blackmoon – Guitars
Draugen – Drums
Themgoroth – Bass & Vocals

Dark Funeral line-up (2024):
Lord Ahriman – Guitars
Heljarmadr – Vocals
Chaq Mol – Guitars
Jalomaah – Drums
Adra-Melek – Bass