Picture by Irene Benavides

Cyan Kicks organizes a private show in Helsinki before the UMK contest

Author Irene Benavides - 20.2.2022

Last Thursday 17th of February the electronic rock hurricane from Helsinki Cyan Kicks organized a private gig at the well known Tavastia, Helsinki. This event was organized for the media and a small group of fans. Chaoszine was one of the guests, so here are all the details of the night.

First of all, for all the readers that are not familiar with the band, Cyan Kicks was founded by Niila Perkkiö (guitars) and Susanna Alexandra (voice) in Helsinki in 2017. The band has released so one studio album “I Don’t love You” in 2019 and one EP “Not your Kind” in 2021.

The band will take part in the UMK competition the 26th of February to represent Finland in the next Eurovision contest that will take place in Italy. They surely don´t have an easy road till there. They have to win against some strong competitors as for example, the well known and successful band The Rasmus.

Going straight to the evening, the event turned out to be very intimate and also emotive. At least for me it felt that way, it was my first time in Tavastia after the lock down. We were around twenty assistants, including media workers and a small group of fans.

The evening started with Niila jumping alone into the stage, and warming up the audience with his guitar. Then the rest of the members joined him and the band started to play with a lot of energy. In total we could listen to 6 songs, being “Hurricane” the last one and the song that turned crazy the lucky fans who joined the event.

It was really amazing to see live music after so long and, even though I am sure that it was not easy for them to warm such a small audience up, they offer a really good gig full of enthusiasm and strength. The band came to talk with the assistants after the gig, and Niila and Susanna told me about their feelings about this experience. Both agreed that the path is being really funny and they are working a lot, but a lot of work is yet to be done before the performance. And whatever happens, this experience is already part of them and their career. Best of luck!